Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Green things in Costa Rica

If you are small growing in a lawn, you better stand up for yourself. (A little legume weed.)

Screwpalms (Cyclanthaceae) have very strange flowers... They look more like half-eaten cobs of corn.
The leaves are used for Panama hats.

red Passiflora
Passionately red lovely passion flowers. These were visited by small stingless bees.

tree fern stem (not a bear paw)
During the dry season some tree ferns drop their eaves and
transform themselves into fuzzy knobbly walking sticks.

rotted leaf
Rotten things can be beautiful. All that is left of this leaf is the cellulose fiber bundles along all the veins.

Heliconias look like they were designed by a pop artist.

More photos are on Flickr. Sorry, for some reason I can't change the font size to larger... it must be a bug in blogger.

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