Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Welcome to our blog, world citizens

Our world map on the right side has just started over, after a year of accumulating visits from places everywhere, I mean everywhere. Mauritius, Sao Paulo, Nigeria, hawaii, you name it. Of course most visits were from Europe and North America. In total we had 29 837 visits, nearly thirty thousand, which I think is great. This map to the left is from the archives, and unfortunately you can't get a bigger version. But look at all those red dots - it is like chicken pox for bloggers. Thanks to all of you that have visited and please visit again. Now you can see your dot appear on the new map which started today.


Olle said...

I think you should try Google Analytics as well. It gives an amazing amount of information about the visitors, not only their numbers and where they come from but also how long visits they make, if they have been to the site before, what screen size they use, operative system, language - you name it. And you can chose the dates you like to check.

EH said...

I think Olle´s suggestion is worth a try. And a good idea to start over with the map LS.

LS said...

OK, how do I install Google Analytics? Sounds like a good thing. And it wasn't my idea to start over with the map - it does that by itself.