Sunday, August 10, 2008

Rick Rolling

Here, take a look at this:
It is supposed to be 'The Dark Knight part 1/13'.
Obviously someone hacked the CD and uploaded it to youtube.
But wait, just take a good, tempted look at it...

You just got 'Rick Rolled'!

This new youtube phenomenon is were someone inserts a continuous picture, then inserts 'Never Gonna Give you Up' by Rick Astley. The picture should be tempting, something you know your victim will want, like a new movie or computer game.

Why would someone take the time to do this? Simply, because they have no life.
Personally, I have been Rick Rolled dozens of times.


LS said...

I just don't really get this. Why a nine-minute video that is the same all the way through? Can you explain more?

LA said...

The thing is that the person is fooling you into believing it to be something else. On youtube, a video cannot be longer than 9:59. Also, there are some movies that are uploaded into parts, maxing out the 9:59 rule. This video was made for you to believe that Someone has uploaded the new batman movie in parts for you to watch. And thats were rick rolling comes in.