Monday, August 18, 2008

UBC Botanical Garden, Vancouver

Some photos from the UBC Botanical garden in Vancouver, a great place on the university campus. These photos are from the plantings, but there is also a forest with enormous conifer trees, ferns, and mosses, but I didn't really get any good photos of those. In one of the tall dead tree tops, really high up, a bald eagle was sitting (sorry, I was using my little camera and didn't have a tele lens, but you can kind of see its' white head). The Asian white poppies were amazing with their shadows through the petals. The purple flower with spikes is around it is a flowering artichoke, and the leaf with a purple vein is a cabbage leaf that got a little help in Photoshop. I love 'stockrosor' (hollyhocks), with their tall spikes of large flowers. We can't grow any in our garden because they get attacked by a rust fungus and die, which is a shame.

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