Monday, August 4, 2008

Spartan diner

LA and I had lunch at the "New Diner in Sparta" in northern New Jersey on Saturday, a place that turned out to be not so new. The whole place had seen better times, probably around 1950 or 1960. The pink vinyl seating and the personal juke boxes, unfortunately now non-functional, could have been in the movie Grease. The food was OK, not the best, and the ice tea was horrible. I won't dwell into a long restaurant review, it wasn't worth it. But the atmosphere was cool as a historical flashback. The pink seats looked like giant lips up close.

Ice tea. Looked better than it tasted.


PP said...

wow, even the ice tea was bad?

LS said...

Yes, too bitter. Lots of sugar didn't help a bit. I like ice tea that you don't even have to sweeten.