Friday, July 4, 2008

Oh My God!

It's a bird picture from the infamous AREA!

This beauty was captured when I was sitting against Mom's car. He posed for me very nicely.

And click on it so it looks better.
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PP said...

hi, yes its nice! But it is the same when you click on it...

Olle said...

So what kind of bird is then?!

LS said...

This is a goldfinch, isn't it lovely? It is the state bird of new Jersey, and I think it is related to the Swedish 'steglits'. It certainly behaves similar, eating thistle seeds and hanging upside down at the feeders.

Moe said...

It is also the State Bird of Iowa and is featured on my logo for my Iowa blog :) Great capture!

My wife is Swedish and I made her come live with me on this side of the pond, so I am looking forward to following your blog (in both languages!) in the future! I am going to put your link on my left side bar.

Jatte bra!

LS said...

Hi Moe,

Welcome to our blog and the Swedish-American cross-cultural experience! What is the name of your blog? Please post a link if you like so we can check it out and thanks for linking to us.

Moe said...

Thanks, Is. I am at

Not much 'Swedish' goin' on over there, as min fru is not much interested in my blogging :) Mostly birds and bugs in Iowa (which looks a lot like Skane)!