Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Jewelry transformation

How do you take something like this
Getting Sorted

and make something like this?

Knitwit Necklace - The Blues

or this?

Curio Necklace

or this?


or this?

Tupperware Jewellery

Plastic Girl on Flickr knows, and here is her blog and website too. These are so inspiring, fun and recyclable!


Anonymous said...

Hi Nice Blog .The independent Jewelry Review store can't offer the same size product selection because they don't have the finances. The chain stores have better real estate, better product selection, and more money for advertising.

LS said...


I am not sure if I get your point. Do you mean that the bigger chain stores are better? If so, I disagree. Maybe you meant the opposite.

I like supporting small-scale, innovative, handmade and creative companies and people that work for sustainability. I know their finances are not the best, but by highlighting them on this blog they at least get some free PR. Thanks for visiting us!