Saturday, July 12, 2008

Bath Time

Norfolk & Western # 475 has been pulled out of the engine house by #90 and is getting a bath in preparation to being fired up. The high season for the Strasburg starts the weekend of July 4th, after which, they run 2 trains a day. The Strasburg is a tiny 4 mile railroad in Amish country in PA. I delighted in one sight seen but not photographed. I was waiting at a railroad crossing to photograph the train. An Amish family was just crossing the tracks:

First the father reached down as they rolled by and picked one of the the daylilies and handed it to his wife. Just about where they are in this pic the train blew it's whistle and was approaching the road crossing from the left. The family stopped their buggy and waited for the train and they all watched it go by. Then they were on their way again.

If your in Lancaster county, stop by and ride the Strasburg, it's friendly little rural railroad.

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LS said...

So next year, can I come to Strasburg too? :) That shot with the rainbow in the water spray is great.

I really admire the Amish, and it seems like they live their simpler life with more care and consideration than most of us do. We probably can learn a lot from them, but I wouldn't like to live the Amish way.