Sunday, July 6, 2008

Life in New Jersey in 5 images

Sunset towards Sourland mountain, a rare moment captured forever. This photo reminds me of summer nights in Sweden when the sun sets at 11 PM and gets up at 2 AM.
An old motorcycle was parked outside a restaurant (this one is for you AREA). Might have been one like this, I don't remember.
Tools and signs at the Sergeantsville butcher shop. On the sign - Never Try to Teach a Pig to Sing, It Wastes Your Time and Annoys the Pig.
Midsummer here still means potatoes cooked with dill, herring, sour creme, and chives, just like at Barking Dog Plaza where I grew up. And after the sill.... I think we had quail ('vaktel'), locally farmed. Next year we are planning on rabbit, groundhog, and raccoon for the midsummer night grilling. (Yes, a stupid raccoon woke us up by sitting on the bird feeder at 4 AM and trying repeatedly to get in to the precious bird food. And today a squirrel tried to chew his way through the steel of the bird feeder. I think these deserve to be midsummer food...)

School graduation, about two weeks later than in Sweden. Here the 8-graders get ready to get their diplomas and to have two months of school vacation. And yes, all the 400+ students looked the same in their rented green gowns.

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