Sunday, October 31, 2010

What is cooking?

Or rather, what has been cooking in our kitchen in the last month or so:

Braised lamb shanks with onions, carrots, and celery, plus fresh herbs, cooked for a very long time until the meat fell of the bone and melted in our mouths (thanks PP!). These are photos from the beginning of this dish made for Sunday night dinner.
lamb shanks to be added to stew pot lamb shank braise (no shanks in it yet)

Applesauce ('äppelmos'), 7 liters

Habanero hot sauce (sweetened with carrots), about 2 liters!:
pepper harvest Habanero and carrot hot sauce - fantastic!

Roasted jalapeno and roasted garlic hot sauce, but I have only a photo of the main ingredients after they were charred in the oven.  It is delicious!
roasted green peppers and jalapenos

Italian tortas filled with greens (many kinds, like kale, swiss chard ('mangold'), bok choy, leeks, onions), garlic, cheese, egg, and herbs and crushed chili pepper.  The dough is like a pie dough, no yeast, and we freeze them and have them for lunch.  They are so good!  Filling to the left, ready to bake to the right.

Blueberry jam on the move!

Homemade French bread:
homemade bread

Amazing pizza:  onion, artichokes, olives, and rehydrated Swedish yellow-footed chanterelles ('trattkantareller') fried in some butter... incredible!
pizza, yummy


EH said...

Wow, you´ve been busy! I like the look of everything and am impressed with your apple sauce and blueberry jam. It looks good in those jars too.

LS said...

"Those jars" are special canning jars, called Mason jars and you buy them at the store. They are especially made to withstand high heat, so you can boil them and thereby sterilizing all contents, so you can store your jams and pickles (etc.) at room temperature. Not hard at all, and it certainly cuts down on the botulism risk. Too bad I can't send some jars over the pond to you all in Sweden.

EH said...

Honungsburkar är rätt bra de också!

LS said...

Japp, men man kan inte koka honungsburkar sa de kommer i undertryck och vacuumpackas :) Och svenskar har kallkallare dar man kan forvara sylt och sant, har i USA ar det for stor risk med botulism nar man forvarar i rumstemperatur. Egentligen ar det konstigt att det inte finns sana har burkar i Sverige, det ar sa himla enkelt att sterilisera sylten i kokande vattenbad. Jag undrar varfor...

EH said...

Det finns burkar för sånt här också, men vi använder nog frysen mera? Se länken också.