Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday surprise!

This morning the kids yelled happily, ! It´s snow! and parents with summer tires on cars, not so happy.... It was a great surprise!

This mornings view at the bus stop at 8.15. No bus came. I got a ride with a passing colleague.

Flowers and autumn yellow leaves are covered in heavy snow, 5 cm, they said it will rain this afternoon so it will go back to mud and darkness, but the sun is still shining from a blue sky at 3 pm.

Heavy snow on the Salix lowers them over the walking path, it´s like a jungle.


LS said...

Nice photos!!! The bus stopped coming because of a few cm of snow?

Not a hint of frost here in NJ this morning. I'll take some photos for comparison with Sweden :)

EH said...

Det var snorhalt, på ren svenska, och inte bara bussarna hade problem utan även bilarna. Bussen kom säkert så småningom men inte enligt tidtabellen.