Monday, October 18, 2010

Saved (made..) in Sweden- needles and pins

In my sewing stool (above) I found these envelopes and sewing things. They are from our relatives.

Swedish paper clips, scientific needles in a War Pack, pins (knappnålar), needles

Inside this envelope are the tiniest needles I have ever seen. I doubt I could use them. I wonder if it is because metal was expensive by the time of WW II. I´m guessing they could well be from an earlier war as well.


LS said...

I remember this 'sewing stool', I think I might have had it for a while, but I am not sure. It came from aunt Willis I am pretty sure, isn't that right? All those old little things, they are so amazing. Everything was saved and used and kept and cherished.

EH said...

You had it in Uppsala, but it came from Willis. You are the one who redressed it with blue and white navy color fabric. I have kept it that way.