Tuesday, June 1, 2010

White gorgeousness

The white Penstemons (beard's tongue) are flowering in our garden here in New Jersey.  EH, how about your seedlings from last year?  Did they flower yet?  If not, here is a photo of the beauty to come.

I think this is Penstemon digitalis, talus slope penstemon, but I am not 100% sure.  I can't even remember where the seeds come from.  Penstemon is a giant genus of plants in the plantain family (Plantaginaceae).  It used to be in the foxglove family (Scrophulariaceae) before that family got split up because of new scientific findings.  It turned out that the old Scrophulariaceae was a
'trash-bag' family of plants that didn't really fit together. (Of course old databases such as the USDA's still have it in Scrophulariaceae... but Wikipedia is updated.)  Other plants in the Plantaginaceae are plantain (Plantago, 'groblad'), snapdragon (Antirrhinum, 'lejongap'), and butter-and-eggs (Linaria, 'gulsporre'). Left in the new small Scrophulariaceae is mainly mullein (Verbascum, 'kungsljus') and the stinky Scrophularia ('flenört'), which smells like a dishrag infused with old milk and grease and that should have been washed weeks ago.

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EH said...

Wow, I do hope they look like this later on this summer. I have at least one seedling left after this harsch winter. This year I sowed more of the Penstemons, and I did replant them in gorgeous fluffy black rich soil in the new kitchen garden at Barking dog plaza last Sunday.

The more the merrier!