Sunday, June 6, 2010

More colors in the garden

a snake in the garden

The new snake is watching over the birdhouse (and the whole garden).  It is made from some giant Indian glass beads I bought in Vermont last summer. Snake closeup here. Maybe I should rename the kitchen garden to Eden, what do you think?  But I have no apple trees there, only pears, peaches, and a suffering kiwi shrub. (Click on photos for larger versions)

Indian glass beads
More Indian beads, these were put up on a temporary string as suncatchers.

the blue eye in the old pasta stirrer

And old wooden pasta stirrer broke, was glued together, but could no longer be a useful tool in the kitchen, so it got remade into the good eye that keeps all evil away from the garden. Evil in this case is considered to be unwanted chewing animals, from large furry things like deer, groundhogs, and rabbits, to slimy and scaly things like japanese beetles, potato beetles, slugs, and squash bugs. All other creatures can stay.

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