Monday, June 7, 2010

Very crafty things...

... can be found on Etsy, an online shop for handmade things.  People are so creative!  Some examples from among the over 5 million things on sale (click on the links to see photos and other information):

Ctrl+Alt+Del pillows (for the sleepy geeks)  Cufflinks made from old maps (I love old maps).   If yuo don't know where you are, you need this. A cool bracelet of unusual design, like a straggly underwater seaweed...  A tie for my brother? Industrial cocktail rings (serious steampunk stuff). Statements for the really hot ones.And Swedish Lapland bracelets made with tin wire - gorgeous things.

You can also learn how mother-of-pearl buttons were made in the past in Mississippi, and there is even a museum about these wonderful things. I also remember our grandmother's box with miscellaneous buttons, just like EH does.

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