Wednesday, June 9, 2010

floating blueberries

floating blueberries, originally uploaded by aroid.
Have you ever noticed before how those little triangles are sticking up from the blueberries out of the milk? Those are the old sepals (calyx, 'foderblad') of the flowers. In July I am planning to go to the Pine Barrens of NJ to pick lots and lots of blueberries for jams and pies. Great photo by aroid on Flickr.


Pat said...

For blueberries in the Pines, go to Historic Whitesbog Village, Browns Mills, NJ. This is where Elizabeth White developed the first marketable blueberry and her test fields still exist today. Since Whitesbog is a state park, the blueberry fields are open to the public for picking. Make sure you stop in at the General Store for directions to the best fields.

LS said...

Hi Pat, Thanks for the advice! Last time I was there the store was closed, but this is a great idea.