Friday, June 4, 2010

BP = before present (oil spill and pink assumptions)

The oil is still gushing out from a giant toxic sludge sewer pipe, killing and poisoning, and BP is getting more and more disliked. There is a contest going on to redesign BP's logo to a more fitting one, from the green and yellow flower to something infused with oil, like these dead animals.There are many suggestions on how to fix the leak and the spill too...

On a totally unrelated note, I find that people who insist that baby pink T-shirts for women and green T-shirts for men (with no option to switch or choose) to not be a sexist thing to be very, very oblivious, uneducated and misinformed about gender roles and prejudice.  Let the men have some pink shirts if they like, and don't assume the women should have pink, please. This happened today at work, as part of a public celebration...  Pink is fine as a personal choice, but not as an assumption and expectation linked to all people with XX chromosomes.  (And don't get me started on pink toys and clothes for little girls... pink stinks even more there).


PP said...

LS said...

Oh, those are horrible photos of the pelicans in oil. This is a terrible catastrophe. And BP is trying to tell the media what to show and not... total censoring like a dictatorship.

O.K. said...

BP, Bullsh*it Propaganda?

The wikipedia article on BP ( is a quite interesting read, they seem to almost define the term "Greenwashing".  The stuff that washes up on the shores isn't very green though. 

Regarding pink shirts: the problem must be that there are too few of them. Every year men from all over the world go to Italy to battle out over three weeks who gets to wear one.  Ivan Basso seems to be quite happy about his maglia rosa. In spandex. ;)

LS said...

I think the Italians made the winner wear a pink shirt on purpose, just because it is so rare on men - the winner would stand out and be very special. Around the Sourlands you see a lot of bicycle spandex outfits, but never one in pink :)

More pink shirts to the men, I can agree with that statement :), but only if the men wants them.

BP = boiling pollution?
BP = bastards, plainly?
certainly they are into propaganda... big time.
BP = bigtime polluters
BP = bad place, bad time, bad decisions