Sunday, June 22, 2008

Snapshot: "Can you take a licking?"

"There's a speck of dust on your lens, let me clean it for you."

(Listening to while posting: Regina Spector - Daniel Cowman)


EH said...


or "life is hard" said the farmer, oink said the pig....

LS, you translate the funny part for PP please :-P

LS said...

That joke can't be translated into English:

Livet ar hart, sa bonden.
Grymt, sa grisen.

LS said...

Have you ever noted how raspy the tongue is? Someone said it is so they can get water up into their mouth, but I am not sure I believe that.

PP said...

cats tounges are the same...the tounge has little "pails" that grab the water...what joke?

LS said...

If we couldn't grab a glass of water and had to drink from a stream, maybe our tongues would have been like that too? Thank you evolution for arms and hands!