Monday, June 9, 2008

Overheard in the supermarket today

Setting: SUPER Stop & Shop in Franklin Township in NJ, two moms pushing a shopping cart with a screaming and teary 2-3 year old boy in the front in one of those plastic car things attached to the shopping cart. The moms are oblivious to the screams, just chatting away.
One says to the other:
- I spend most money on veggie burgers, it's the only thing he eats!

That made me start thinking and my conclusions are:
1. If all I got to eat was veggie burgers I would cry too.
2. If veggie burgers, about $1 each, is the most expensive my mom was buying for me, what else is she serving? Rice porridge and peanut butter.
3. This is really an example of how stupid parents are in this country. Serve the kid some other food for a change. No kid will starve, eventually they will try different things on their plates if the parents don't give them the same thing over and over and over again. Give the kid a carrot. And a real burger (and read this article from


PP said...

those plastic car things are similar to the kids getting what they want...

LS said...

I guess it is all about containing children by putting them in front of Disney movies, chicken nuggets, and in plastic cars. Some kids are difficult, but I am convinced that many of kids' bad behaviors are enforced or created by the parents who act totally oblivious to common sense. LA and AREA, I am not complaining about you at all, you are great kids. And I admit that I have put you in a plastic shopping car, served you chicken nuggets, or let you watch the Lion King, but not 400 times.

O.K. said...

A friends sister's family had to abandon their plans of hiking in the north of sweden this summer because the youngest daughter (10?) freaked out by just the idea. Not that she knew what she objected to, it would have been the first time hiking for her. I can't really remember that we were ever asked what we thought of the vacation plans when I was young.

"Well, we had it tough. We had to spend our vacation in a abandoned mine in pouring rain!"

(Actually kind of true...)

LS said...

One mine? I remember as being every single abandoned mine in the southern half of Sweden, and it rained at half of them. But in hindsight, it was pretty cool! The lack of showers during our vacation was more of an issue I think :) But you could always wash your hair in a stream or in the rain.

PP said...

Luxury. When I was a kid I had to stand for hours next to a loud, coal smoke belching locomotive, with the whistle blasting in your ears, as it went very slowly up a steep mountain grade with cinders raining down on you the whole time. YOu try and tell the young people today. They wont believe you.

LS said...

YEAH, now I can add cardboard box to the labels! Yipee!