Sunday, June 15, 2008

For EH, and garden report

Here is a butterfly for EH who is home in bed! We hope you will be back on the blog soon. Feel better and all the best of wishes from New Jersey. This butterfly is from Ecuador, and I have no idea even what group of butterflies it belongs to, but it is a Lepidoptera.

Outside here in New Jersey, the frogs are croaking all night long after our big thunder/rainstorm last night. It is not the spring peepers - these sound different, less peeping and more croaking. The Baltimore orioles are still hanging around and probably have a nest high up in one of the silver maples. A black bear was seen again this morning about 2 miles from here. My flower box is flowering in red, blue, and white - prästkrage, blåklint, and kornvallmo (ox eye daisy, corn flower, and poppy), mostly from Swedish seed and it looks so much like Gotland when I walk by it. I love it. All our peppers are growing like crazy and so are our bush beans, only problems so far are mold on the strawberries, and potato beetles on the tomatillos. The house sparrows are on their second set of chicks this year already and two groundhog babies got caught in our trap. Nearly no Japanese beetles - I guess the milky spore powder killed them off, thanks! So not so much garden warfare yet, but I am so tired of our worst weed - jordreva - ground ivy - Glechoma hederacea. It is everywhere!

Update: Not just for EH in bed, but for my Dad and O.K. too, who have been battling nasty cold viruses. Feel better all of you.

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EH said...

Thank you LS for the butterfly. This is just a quick visit, I still prefer not to sit on chairs with my hurting bottom. But I´ll be back...that´s a promise.