Sunday, June 8, 2008

Dressed up for National Day

King Karl XIII. June 6th, Kungsträdgården, Stockholm.



LS said...

The king is tied up!

The king has no nose!

Long live the king.

O.K. said...

"A nose, a nose! My kingdom for a nose!"

LS said...

The king's slips.

LS said...

(note: slips = tie, in Swedish)

O.K. said...

Have you heard what sometimes is said about the two kings (Karl XII and Karl XIII) who stands as statues in kungsträdgården? The statue of Karl XIII is surrounded by four pots and the statue of Karl XIII is surrounded by four lions.

Karl XII:

A lion between four pots.

Karl XIII:

A "pot" between four lions.

(pot, "kruka", is in swedish slang for a coward).

LS said...

What is the thing tied to the sword next to the king's leg? Strange.

Well, King Karl XII died young in battle, but King Karl XIII survived longer I think, so maybe it is good to be a coward. It saves your life and you won't be attacked by Norwegians.