Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Stamp of the day: Lichens and conifers

Stamp from Åland, an island between Sweden and Finland, which belongs to Finland but have their own stamps.

This time of year is the best time to look at lichens,mosses and conifers here in Sweden. The leaves have fallen from the trees and the light reaches down to the ground level again. And there they are in all their glory! Amazing structures, colourful and slowgrowing. Most people don´t think about it but they are also part of our Christmas traditions. In our advent candle holders, the tradition is to put "white moss" around the candles. It´s actually not a moss but a lichen that grows in Swedish forests.

And I believe there is quite common to have little Christmas gnomes made of conifer cones and felt fabric. At least we have them, homemade of course!


LS said...

I love lichens, mosses, and conifer cones. And guess what - lab tomorrow in class are lichens and mosses and last week we did conifers. I think too few people look up close at these plants (OK, lichens are both plants and fungi! :). I used the Swedish stamp you posted, EH, for a class exercise. They had to figure out which cone that didn't come from a conifer. Do you know which one? :)

EH said...

alkotten förstås