Friday, November 11, 2011

eleven eleven eleven

A very special day here at home...


EH said...

People are strange. Why would something only we measure, such as time and date, have any influence over nature and events? Nature doesn´t care about clocks!
As I understood it people thought for real that this moment would be extraordinary, and good luck would come. I´m not suggesting you did LS, I´m just amazed how important we think measured time is.

I think you illustrated well with all the clocks!

LS said...

The 11-11-11 is just a very non-random number :), and it was PP's Dad's hundredth birthday. And then you could do 11.11 on 11/11/11 - I think that is pretty special, even if it is nothing magical about it.

I haven't heard anything about people thinking that something bad or good would have happened because of the coincidence of numbers... It certainly wouldn't influence nature's powers in any way. Time is just something ticking away, and numbers are just symbols we humans have come up with, right? :)