Monday, November 21, 2011

On the terror of leaf blowers


(Photo by Jennanana on Flickr, 'Rakes', Creative Commons license)

There seems to be a type of people that can't stand fall.  They can't enjoy the gorgeous beauty of fallen leaves, transitions of seasons, and to let fall be fall.  Instead, they bring out their noisy, polluting, gasoline-monster leaf blowers and destroy the whole feeling of fall.

'Leaves are evil. Leaves have to go away. Leaves are ugly, dirty, nasty, and germy piles of nature's rubbish'. That is what their actions seem to say.   I think this is just another rendition of the common fear of nature.

Dear neighbors, park managers, and landscaping companies, leaves are meant to fall in the fall.  That is what nature is.  It is part of the natural circle.  But I guess you think nature is bad.  Everything has to be organized, controlled, squeaky clean, and then, in effect, artificial and unsustainable.

It is not normal to have a green lawn without a leaf on it in October. It is abnormal. It is not normal to run a leaf blower for 2.5 hours straight on a sunny Sunday afternoon. It is bad, both for the Earth and your health.  If the leaves bother you, get the rakes out and get some exercise at the same, in the nice quiet sounds of nature, such as swishing vulture wings, woodpecker's hole-making drumming, and screeching blue jays.  Spare me the leaf blower terror, please, please....

(It turns out I am not alone.  Los Angeles have banned leaf blowers, and here is a link to some more information about leaf blower terror in the US.)


PP said...

here is a good reqad:

my favorite line:
The guillotine and the electric chair at least do something. The leaf blower, by contrast, does only what its name implies – it blows leaves around.

AnS said...

Precis så här är det under hösten hos många i Sverige. Löven är skräp och skall bort. Det skall städas ute.
Vad skönt det är att gå i en bokskog och prassla med löven och njuta av färgerna av löven som lyser i höstsolens sneda strålar.