Sunday, November 6, 2011

"pics, or it didn't happen" - snow storm in October in NJ, USA

These photos are from a week ago, last Sunday.  What a weekend.  Snowstorm, no power, in the middle of a gorgeous autumn. The peppers were rescued from the garden on Saturday morning, by Saturday afternoon everything was white and you could hear crashing trees and branches everywhere around you. Sunday morning we woke up to blue sky, sunshine, and wintry glistening snow, and a giant mess.  Power was restored Monday, which was sooner than I expected based on all the tree damage.  Our roads to our house were also opened on Monday afternoon, when the trees and power lines had been fixed. Our gasoline generator made sure we had power for the well, furnace, and fridge and freezers.

Nearly all our trees got severe damage, with the most damage on the maples, lilacs, and Metaseqouia (dawn redwood).  There were branches down over our driveway, mailbox, truck, deck, and walkways...  Most of these photos are from the day after, which felt like a crisp day in February, not October...

here it comes: Snowstorm of October 2011, New Jersey

trees and powerlines down: Snowstorm of October 2011, New Jersey

injured Metasequoia: Snowstorm of October 2011, New Jersey

towards the meadow: Snowstorm of October 2011, New Jersey

generator wonder: Snowstorm of October 2011, New Jersey

silver maple with broken branches: Snowstorm of October 2011, New Jersey

katsura leaves: Snowstorm of October 2011, New Jersey

Conclusion, it did happen: More photos here.


EH said...

So sad to see all these injured trees. Glad you and your house are unharmed.
We had a similar early snowfall last year in October, this year no snow so far, not even cold outside.

Sarah said...

Wow! I have been listening to everyone's stories from back East with amazement. I remember a very small surprise snowfall we had in October three years ago, but it was nothing like these pictures.

LS said...

Nice to hear from you Sarah! How is life out west? We were just talking about you, Cookie-Sarah as you are known around here :)