Friday, May 27, 2011

Stamp of the day: Syrenernas tid är här (Time for lilacs)

Nu är syrenernas tid här, och de sprider väldoft i varje vrå av vårt avlånga land. Vid varje liten röd stuga finns en gammal bondsyren, ibland finns inte huset kvar men bara grunden. Jag kan se framför mig hur äldre generationer njutit på samma sätt som jag med en trevlig paus invid syrenen när sommaren äntligen anlänt och de första skriken från tornseglarna hörs i skyn.

Även jag har en syren, en ungersk stamsyren som nu har en krona klädd i vitt. Den doftar ljuvligt. Hur ser din syren ut?

Translation by LS:  It is the time of the lilacs, and they spread their gorgeous scent in every corner of our long land [=Sweden]. By every little red cottage is an old heritage lilac, and sometimes the house is not there any longer, just the old foundation. I can imagine how former generations have enjoyed, just like me, to take a rest near the lilac bush when summer has finally arrived and the first swifts are crying up in the sky. 

Even I [EH] have a lilac, a Hungarian tree-like one that now is covered in white. It smells heavenly.  How does your lilac look like?

Stamp from Finland: Lilacs.

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LS said...

Nice writing, EH! Lovely.

New Jersey is ahead of Sweden, because our lilacs flowered fast and furiously about a month ago. We have two very old lilacs, maybe 200 years, as old as the house, and two new ones. The new white one is doing fine, the dark-pink has a disease but is still not dead.

Flowering here in NJ right now are peonies (pioner), sage (salvia), chives (gräslök), Amsonia, still some rhododendron, and all the irises. It is beautiful!