Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Chimney Rock

This place has a natural name for a naturally formed geologic formation: Chimney Rock. 1000 years ago the Pueblo Indians lived here and now it is a San Juan National Forest Area in southern Colorado.  We stopped here, but since we were on our way to Chama, New Mexico (and happened to take a big detour, which was fun), we decided not to walk up to the ruins and the rock itself.  
vintage cars on the road - Chevrolet 1936 2-Door 5-Window Coupe 
We also ran into several early 1900s Chevrolets in the parking lot with people that were out road tripping in real old vehicles.  We saw them again later in Chama, great fun. .


Katie H said...

Imagine my surprise, randomly checking in to one of my favorite blogs and seeing my old Colorado stomping grounds! Today marks the third year since I came back to Gothenburg from SW CO. Thanks for the pictures, and a lovely blog.

LS said...

Katie H, I am so glad you visited our blog and liked the post! There will be more Colorado posts later. We went to Mesa Verde (which I loved!), and I have lots of photos yet to be posted. I hope you are doing well in Göteborg.