Sunday, May 15, 2011

Congratulations to Finland!

You won!  We admit it, we Swedes.  In ice hockey VM tonight for those that don't know. This time you Finns didn't have to say 'if I only had more speed'. But you have only won VM once before, so you deserved it very much. For the record -  I love Finland, and especially surdegslimpa, Tove Jansson, and Arto Paasilinna. Some of my best friends are Finns. Really. :)  Nobody said it better than Monthy Python:

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Yrjö said...

Dear Lena and the Family,

I highly appreciate your appreciation of the Finnish victory. As a person who has been watching these SWE-FIN hockey games since early 70´s I cannot agree more on your comment "this time it was our turn". It has been a big celebration in our country, apparently (based on TV images) also in the border region Tornio-Haparanda, where the night appears already completely white. Let's hope we will have a nice summer here in Nordern. - Ykä