Friday, May 20, 2011

The Gods must be crazy...

along with the people...

.. but I really think people must be crazier.  How is the rapture going in your part of the world?  It is supposedly to be 7000 years exactly, on the date, since Noah's flood and it is still raining in New Jersey.  But consider this - how many times have humanity changed the way we count years, months since 7000 years ago?  How can they know it will be tomorrow (= today in Australia, Asia and Europe)?

From the media:

"She and her twin, Faith, have a friend’s birthday party Saturday night, around the time their parents believe the rapture will occur. “So if the world doesn’t end, I’d really like to attend,” Grace said before adding, “Though I don’t know how emotionally able my family will be at that time.”"  

link to NY Times article - the parents believe the Rapture will occur, their three teenage kids do not)

 Q: Will the Earth end on May 21?
A: No. The Earth will stick around for a few more months of "chaos and awful suffering" before being obliterated Oct. 21.
Q: How many will be Raptured?
A: Campbell estimates 200 million. The remaining nearly 7 billion face a grisly fate - crushed in the quake, burned by sulfur, turned into pillars of salt, etc.
Q: Are exploding watermelons in China a sign?
A: Yes.
From the End-of-The-World Factsheet (yes, there is such a thing). 

I really wonder how the people that believe in this Rapture event feel when they wake up on Sunday morning.  Will they go on with their lives or seek counseling? I'd love to see their excuses on Sunday why the Rapture didn't happen.Or rather, I just wish there were many more sensible, logical people out there caring more about our planet, environment, and the people around them...

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