Saturday, December 19, 2009

When you ask for snow, you might get it:

"Record 24 Hour snowfall records have been set in Roanoke,Virginia, Washington, DC, and Baltimore, Maryland and 2nd highest for Philadelphia so far with this monster snowstorm."

"This massive Atlantic storm will continue to strengthen, dumping dangerously heavy snow and producing even white-out conditions from Baltimore to Philadelphia to New York City to Southern New England and Boston."

So far, all we have seen are nice little snowflakes and heavy winds. I think we have 6 inches (12 cm) right now, but it is predicted to snow all night..

."Finally the storm will move completely out to sea by early afternoon on Sunday, all that will remain is the ongoing shoveling and plowing."

It feels like Sweden! PP reported that he and AREA bought the last milk carton of organic 2% milk today and people are parking their cars nose out and close to the entrance of their driveways, expecing large amounts of snow.

Our Christmas tree is lit and decorated, we are ready now to get snowed in!


LS said...

30 cm of snow overnight, and it is a cold, blustery day so the powdery snow blows off the eves of the house and the birds at the bird feeder are burred up and look cold but are happily eating away our treats for them. The rhododendron leaves have curled up, they are our local thermometer. Time to go out and shovel the drive way, because we have places to go!

Sarah said...

I think you got more snow than we did up north!

EH said...

We still have snowfall everyday here, and in my town we are well beyond 30 cm of snow, even though it´s packing together and getting dense. It feels like being in fjällen at wintertime. Fjällen= swedish mountains. Snow is hanging dangerously over the roof edge and when it comes down, you don´t want to be there. With a big 'fumph' I guess.

100 kilometers west there is less snow, being further away from the sea shore.

Have fun with the snow!