Monday, December 14, 2009

The last trip was today...

.. for the Orient Express. It is no more. It used to go from London (or Paris, or other western cities) to Istanbul (or other eastern cities), through the then volatile and dangerous Balkan countries. So, all we have now is James Bond on the train in the movies, murder stories by Agatha Christie, or numerous mentions of the train in everything from Star Trek to Mutant Ninja Turtles. I would have loved to go on this train about 100 years ago, wouldn't you?

The first train left France in 1882 and had and served:

"The train was composed of: 1. Baggage car, 2. Sleeping coach with 16 beds (with bogies), 3. Sleeping coach with 14 beds (3 axles), 4. Restaurant coach (nr. 107), 5. Sleeping coach with 14 beds (3 axles), 6. Sleeping coach with 14 beds (3 axles), 7. Baggage car (complete 101 ton).

The first menu on board (October 10, 1882): oysters, soup with Italian pasta, turbot with green sauce, chicken ‘à la chasseur’, fillet of beef with ‘château’ potatoes, ‘chaud-froid’ of Game animals, lettuce, chocolate pudding, buffet of desserts."

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