Friday, December 18, 2009

Out of the darkness into the light

Amazing what a little snow can do.

We have had snowfall for the past days, sometimes even heavy snowfall, and now we have about 30-40 cm of light, fluffy snow. It´s still white and lies virginly untouched over the landscape. Today the sun greeted me on the way to work, spreading streaks of gold over the winter white. Earlier this morning a night blue sky slowly brightened in hues of blue, and white Christmas lights were glistening in bushes and trees around the houses, partly covered in snow. All branches and forms enhanced with snow.

I love this, it´s such an improvement from November's mud and darkness.


LS said...

Here in NJ, USA, there isn't a single snowflake in sight, but the mercury dropped down to 16 degrees F this morning, I think that is about minus ten Celsius. Cold, cold! Tomorrow we will go and cut our Christmas tree at the close-by farm and then it can be Christmas for real. But some snow would be nice too, as long as it is light and fluffy and not melty, icy, and grey.

LS said...

It is snowing in NJ!!!! Yeah!