Monday, December 21, 2009

The darkest day of the year.. today. And still, it is a lot more light in New Jersey than in Sweden. It is cold too, both here and in Sweden, and we have snow in NJ too for a change. Hopefully it won't turn in to slush before Christmas. Are you rady for Christmas yet? Gingerbread cookies made, decorated tree, brown cabbage on the dinner list, presents arranged, enough milk for the rice porridge, and all little santas (tomtar) up yet? We are kind of ready, but not totally. Two more days of work before vacation. We lit the last of the advent's candles last night and it is only 4 days to Christmas Eve. This year passed to fast. But I am so happy that now it will get lighter in the mornings.

Since you have a 'vargavinter' (wolf's winter, i.e., really cold) in Sweden, you could make this beautiful thing from the Resurrection fern Blog. And we can dream about green abundance again, but real and dead, such as these 60's inspired Rörstrand items. Time for breakfast here, some hot tea and fresh squeezed grapefruit juice. (The photo is the midnight sun from the Arctic.)

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