Thursday, May 21, 2009

Garden report from New Jersey

Our garden is flowering now, in gorgeous colors. Certain plants are still left alone by the deers, such as the irises.

Here is one of our deer-safe spots - about 15 square meters of the perennial border fenced in so they can't get the dogwood, magnolia, monkshood (Aconitum), sunflowers, and some of the other plants. We will see how it works, and if we in August have gorgeous flowers inside the fence and just bitten off stumps outside of it.

Our Japanese lilac is flowering like there is no end to it, and the deer leave it alone. THe scent is heavenly at night. The regular lilacs went crazy with the late April heat wave and are all gone already.

Remnants of oyster dinner on our steps. One day I will figure out what to do with all oyster shells I am saving.

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