Monday, May 18, 2009

Birthday flowers for the botanist

May is a wonderful month here in Sweden and we have long bright days that starts in the morning at 4 o´clock and ends in the evening at 9.30. The day starts and ends with a blackbird singing, and the one who is my neighbour is a fantastic singer. At night, it´s never really dark.
This flower is called "Night and Day" in swedish, and the picture is from and old book called "Nordens flora", printed 1901-1905 and now publiced on the Runeberg project.
Happy birthday dear sister!
(I know it was yesterday but I was kayaking then, and then I forgot to blog in the evening).

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LS said...

I LOVE this flower. We have a similar species here too in northern NJ, and it reminds me so much of Swedish summer. Thanks! I'll be blogging about frogs later, so check back in a few days.