Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Things you actually can eat

Near us in Princeton is a fantastic little European-style food store (Bon Appetit) that sells the most unusual things (in USA, that is). PP and I went there a few weeks ago to look for licorice candy for my class (you need handouts when you talk about beans, ie., Fabaceae, to undergraduates and to keep them awake on Monday mornings). We also got some other goodies, such as oil-cured olives, some great cheese, mints made locally in Hopewell, and then we found.... black squid ink spaghetti. 50 cm long! We just had to get that too. A week later PP made this fantastic dish of this black pasta mixed with creamy tomato sauce with shrimp, scallops, lobster, and squid. Oh, it was yummy! This is how it looked (I think it really looked better than this, my camera was acting up).

I don't think I am ready to try the squid ink pizza yet, though.


Moe said...

I love the Swedish black licorice with the salt on the side - Djungelvral is the brand, I believe.

That pasta looks good. Skal!

LS said...

Oh yes, didn't even think about that the spaghetti looks like licorice candy! yes, Djungelvral is a great kind of licorice - the word means Jungle Howl, and the licorice is coated with the ammonium chloride salt that I love, and others think taste horribly.