Saturday, March 21, 2009

Garden fair

Here I am and this is where I will go next week.

Garden fair at Älvsjömässan, Nordiska trädgårdar.
Picture taken at the fair last year.


LS said...

I wish I could go with you! I didn't go to the Philadelphia Flower Show this year, so I am starved of garden impressions. But I spent the weekend cleaning up in our yard, swearing over the deers, and seeding parsley, beans, and dill in our beds. Spring is here, after snow on Friday (see next post).

EH said...

I would love to have your company too! I have joined a club called "Garden amateurs" or in swedish Trädgårdsamatörerna, TA.

I have also got my fingers dirty this last week, a few spring flowers have shown and a lot is on the way. I also had to swear about animals. Cats digging in my flowerbed is not welcome. Not small boys either!
For the cats I have a working trick, I "seed" out ground white pepper. I tried it last year and it worked fine. If it doesn´t work I will seed out ground chili pepper instead! Cats always sniff before they pee...atchii!

Don´t you have any repellents for deers over there? They sell stuff like Råödör here to fend them off.

Our spring is coming and giong, we too had a white snowblanket this morning.