Monday, March 23, 2009

Car news

New York Times has an article today about SAAB, titled:
Sweden Says No to Saving Saab (let me know if you can't see the article).

This weekend we saw a fantastic movie called Yank Tanks, about Cubans repairing and maintaining 1950s American cars with no parts or supplies at all. Cuba is the largest living car museum in the world. The documentary film is a must-see, not just for car fanatics, but for the people it portrays.


Mr. Lebo said...

If this isn't wasn't a recent documentary, I think I saw the same one. It was marvelous and made me instantly want to build a raft and sneak over for a peak at mechanics smelting old parts to mold new ones.

LS said...

I think the movie was from 2002. I hope soon you don't need a raft, because I am keeping my fingers crossed that the embargo will be lifted. AREA and LA couldn't understand why there was an embargo at all. It is really a remnant of past policies. Of course you could fly to Cuba from Paris, Mr. Lebo - considered that? How is the car fleet in Madagascar?