Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The modern kick-sledge.

I found this modern kick-spark on www.varmlandadventures.se/kickbikeshop.html. This looks a bit weird but they claim it´s fast. You can have it with wheels or skis on too. They also sell kickbikes.


LS said...

But, but, but, this doesn't have the seat on the front for the kids or grocery bags! I guess this one is just for racing.

EH said...

True, and I didn´t say it was better than the old model. I just thought the design was interesting. Also for showing that "kicks" are not just something in the past. This one you can have with a hang-on-basket.

Olle said...

Kicks are certainly not only for the past. The traditional (Swedish) model is not only more practical, it is also possible to steer with its long flexible steel guides. It is thus steerable in steep downslopes which the modern variant does not allow, at least it does not look so.