Monday, November 3, 2008

The world has spoken

"Candidates collected delegates according to the countries won (just as America's electoral-college system allocates delegates by state), and Mr Obama ended with 9,115 delegates, compared with just 203 for Mr McCain." (from a poll by the magazine The Economist, send to me from Olle, sorry can't find the link.)

This is from a poll made by the Economist... let's keep our fingers crossed. I will blog more from South Africa about the US election and what people say here, but right now I need to sleep. But the consensus is that I have not yet met one McCain supporter and all the papers all talk about Obama, Obama.

Yes, I voted by mail, in my first US election ever.

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EH said...

It´s an historic day today, I really hope the american people creates a new historic election, first Black President. Wow!

The alternative makes me depressed.