Monday, November 3, 2008

Pics from South Africa

Some Pics from South Africa..LS will add details later


LS said...

Thanks PP for posting these - it didn't work from here. The funny animal on top is a Rock Dassie, or hyrax, about the size of a big muskrat or small ground hog. It was totally unafraid, the photo isn't cropped!

Then there is the penguins, living on the beach. This is the African penguins. And yes, they smell as bad as on the zoo!

The cliff is Cape Point, with its two light houses.

And then the cool ostriches, wild but very close to us on the beach. I ate ostrich meat the night before and I don't feel guilty at all. Biodiversity is amazing and beautiful.

AREA said...


I'm so incredibly jealous mom.

EH said...

Rock Dassie, är det samma djur som Klippdassen i Tove Janssons sagor?
Trodde den var påhittad!

LS said...

EH, jag har ingen aning. Tove Jansson kanske var i Sydafrika nagon gang och sag en? Ser den ut som Klippdassen?

EH said...

Klippdassen är en figur i böckerna om Mumintrollet vars huvudsakliga sysselsättning är att sätta i sig matsalsmöblemanget medelst knapring. citat från

Jag tror han ser ut ungefär så, men hittar ingen bild. På engelska heter klippdassen "niblings" i Muminböckerna.

EH said...

LS, I enjoy so much to see your photos. I wish I could be there with you.

Fantastic views and animals.

EH said...

I´ve seen a rock dassie too, in Israel, remembered it when I looked for ostrich photos.