Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I have tears in my eyes!


Here in South Africa I woke up at 6 AM, turned on the TV and on CNN they just declared Virginia for Obama, which 2 seconds later meant that OBAMA will be the next president!!!! It is a new morning in America. We haven't dared to believe that this would actually happen, but we hoped, hoped, and voted! Well, those of us that could. And in 4 years, AREA will be able to vote for Obama again, because she will be 18! It is a historical moment, it is world history, not just American history. I have heard from friends in Kazakhstan, Ecuador, Brazil, Sweden - we are all happy. And, Obama mentioned the word science in his acceptance speech! I have been crying, I can't help myself. This is so big!!!
This is it! A new morning, The
times they are a-changing, Tangled up in blue, no more Masters of War, Don't think Twice, it's all right, Every grain of sand, and I am the Girl from the North Country that voted for Obama!!! I am so happy, so incredibly happy!


EH said...

I don´t cry but I am so happy, not for America but for this little inhabitated sphere in the infinite cosmos. I really hope he can and will make the change America and the rest of the world need.

I would have voted for him too if I was allowed.

Another little girl from a North Country.

Isn´t democracy a wonderful thing!

EH said...

Bye bye McCain and Palin... hihi

LS said...

He can't do it alone - everybody has to help to make the change happen.

Watch his acceptance speech if you haven't, it is wonderful!

Olle said...

Well, well. I share the joy - it is a big change. Still, much depends on whom he elects to his circle of advisers. It will take time before we see the changes take place. And in some ways he can never live up to what he has promised.

The first thing I pray for is that he quickly will close down Guantanamo and stop the torturing of prisoners in US or with the support of other countries.

Yes, after these years of pain, grief and anger...

Anonymous said...

A huge sigh of relief from here in AR! Even though AR went to McCain, I'm just glad to add my vote to the popular vote. Yeah, a resounding win for Obama!

i.n.galbraith said...

oh bob dylan

LS said...

Yes, Bobban! No times are wrong for a Bob Dylan song.