Wednesday, November 5, 2008

America is full of ignorant jackasses

My mood was just destroyed by some stupid asshole but it just confirms that this country is full of "morans" as they would say.

A joke just told to me by a co-worker(who is now dead to me)
"Did you hear they are going to change the name of the planet? Planet of the apes!

Dumb f



wow, can you imagine how much this says about a person to say this joke? This is the same person(people) who was overjoyed at the the world series win of the Philly baseball team who have several star African American players, and is also a huge Philly Eagles football fan whose team is largely black.

he can't get enough of joke showed to me on his cell phone sent by his wife:
The statue of liberty has to be changed so she is holding a fried chicken leg.

this is just totally moronic...and I feel like walking out of here and never coming back


LS said...

Some people are ignorant, narrow-minded, and are filled with greed and don't understand compassion, the common good, and respect and understanding across country borders, species levels, and party lines. Ignore those people. Don't let them get to you. They lost, remember? :)

MLB said...

Racism like that is harassment and shouldn't be tolerated. You should report him to your human resources department. Maybe it'll wake him up-probably not, but at least you weren't complicit by standing silently by.

AREA said...


LS said...

Yeah, tell him you are not interested in his 'jokes'.

Kate said...

What can you do? Be upset, but does it lead to anything? Set an example of a healthy, balanced person, and speak well. Obama is a great start, but the change we will see is ultimately up to each of us, every day, in the simple choices we make and our interactions with others.

I hope I manage it better in the future without sounding preachy.