Saturday, October 18, 2008

What´s your type?

This is a picture I took in an American food store. I was pondering on the fact that so many product designs are created to fit a certain type of person. Sometimes I can long for a bottle in a nice glass mold, imprinted into the glass..saying White vinegar. Simple and clean. Or like the brown paper bag which used to contain sugar in the days back.
What do you think, are the products too designed today?

What I also been thinking about lately is what we have in our swedish foodstores that doesn´t exist in US. Some are easy, swedish candy like Bilar and salt licorice and Mums-mums, some are more surprising like crawfish tails in salty water. What is it that is truly swedish? Is it pölsa, blodpudding and falukorv? Or is it rather a mix of spices that is typically swedish? I don´t know, I´m looking for answers.

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