Sunday, October 26, 2008

Art from nature

Painting by air is fantastic. I paint in the nature and make the beginning of an art as long as I have time. At home I finish the paint. The moose is from Jamtland, in the north in Sweden. The heron in the stream is from Dalalven, one of the longest river in Sweden. This two are soft pastell. The men in the small rowboat is from Hasselo in Smalands archepelago. It is a watercolor. This is some of my paintings the last time.


EH said...

Åh, så fina! Jag är så stolt över att ha en så fin kostnär i familjen! De ser så härliga ut med klara, starka färger.

Oh, superb! I´m so proud to have such a good artist in the family!
They look lovely with clear strong colors.

LS said...

Underbart vackra, mamma! Jag tycker om baten extra mycket!