Monday, October 13, 2008

Stamp of the Day: Scandinavian design

I grew up with these designed bowls "Margrete" by Sigvard Bernadotte (in English), a real Swedish royalty. These bowls were everywhere in Swedish houses. When my sister came here recently, she brought one for this American house, so now we have a little piece of royalty-design here in New Jersey. You can read more about the design prince here.

"Sigvard Bernadotte was the second child of the Swedish Crown Prince Gustav Adolf (later King Gustav VI Adolf of Sweden) and brother to Queen Ingrid of Denmark. From 1929 Sigvard Bernadotte studied at the Decorative School at the Academy of Fine Arts in Stockholm. He assisted in creating and installing the epoch-making Stockholm Exhibition introducing Functionalism in Scandinavia in 1930. This new approach to design and architecture - the concept of form being determined by function - had a profound effect on the young Bernadotte and influenced his future design career as one of the leading industrial designers in Scandinavia" link

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EH said...

Actually, I´m not sure that the bowl you got is a real Bernadotte, because I think it´s a later addition to the line. But even so, it has the true lines for a "Margerete-bowl". So, in a way it´s his design.