Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Snapshot from New York on last tuesday, about a week ago..

A snapshot from the American Museum of Natural History:
We all are related to dinosaurs,
we share a heritage from the very first mollusc in the sea.

New York from the airplane lifting off Newark at nightfall.
High above stars were looking down on earth.


LS said...

Mollusc = oyster.
Dinosaur = vertebrate, like a fish, bird, and human. We are all Metazoa, just animals.

By the way, when you eat chicken you eat dinosaurs. Just saying!

EH said...

So mollusc are evolved alongside with vertebraes, I thought they were older in the Tree of Life.
So do we all descent from oysters, yes or no? My knowledge of the first species is somewhat dusty..

EH said...

What did you think of the picture then, LS?

LS said...

Molluscs are definitely older than vertebrates as a group, but I don't know how old oysters are. I guess I should find out and post something on oyster evolution here on the blog.

We are not descendants of oysters :) Oysters and vertebrates had a common ancestor far, far back in time. We are all Metazoa = animals, a special lineage on the tree of life.

I love the photo - her drawing skeletons with her own skeleton being part of the photo.