Saturday, October 18, 2008

Oyster bar, NY - 3 weeks ago

A misty day in NY, no skyscrapers where visible from the streets. A good day for books, stores and food.
And food there where...oysters for starter and scallops (pilgrimsmusslor) for main course. My first raw oysters ever as LS already told here in an earlier post. And of course the fantastic Grand Central and design of the Oyster Bar restaurant.

PP said we should sit by the bar/counter close to the kitchen. We didn´t but we had a look when we passed by. Fantastic. Next time I´ll sit by the kitchen.


LS said...

Nice photos! It was too bad it wasn't oyster season when we were in Maine, but we made up for it when we went to the oyster bar. It is amazing that the oysters from different places look so different, even if they are the same species.

EH said...

I have to add, to my defense of LS description of me having my first oyster, that it was one of the largest on the plate. Why I pick the biggest one I don´t know? Probably tried to impress the big sister!

LS said...

Next time we will only have small oysters :)