Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sunsets around the world

Tonight, while driving to pick up LA, there was a golden-red sunset in the west.  One of those that we described in Swedish as 'the sky is on fire" (himmelen står i brand). It made me think of other amazing sunsets I have seen around the world, and how amazing it is that a fireball far away affects our colors and emotions so much.  So, here is a trip around the world in sunsets:

 Sunset and thunder in Brazil
Brazil, near Itaiaia National Park, between Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, sunset on thunderclouds in the rainforest.

sunset over Palo Verde marshlands
Costa Rica, over Palo Verde marshlands in early spring.

sunset over Klarabergskanalen
Sunset over Stockholm in September, Sweden (of course)

Chicago sunset 2
Chicago sunset, in Illinois, USA, out on Lake Michigan. A hot day in August.

November sunset at the Sourland Mountain
Sourland Mountains, New Jersey, USA, with oaks and ash trees in the foreground.  Home. 

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