Monday, October 28, 2013

A year later... superstorm Sandy remembered

2012 was a bad storm year, really bad, and this year we have been incredibly lucky.

Sweden (and Britain) is right now being hit by hurricane Simone, that is wreaking havoc a year later after Sandy, exactly.  We are used to storms now, we have two generators, food  (lots), a gas stove, buckets,  backup sump pumps, extra gasoline for the generators, flashlights, emergency radio, and we know our neighbors...  I don't think most people in Sweden are as prepared because the weather is nicer there, usually.  Our power has probably gone out at least 10 times this year already... rotten infrastructure, indeed. Also a lot of rotten trees.

I remember it all how it was a year ago, very vividly, hearing the noises of the storm that hit our house around midnight and hearing booms and cracks in the dark, power going out, and then trying to sleep for a bit, and waking up in the morning to a changed world.  Here are some photos from back then.  I hope you weather the storm better in Sweden tonight.

After hurricane Sandy, New Jersey
Yep, that is a power pole with a transformer on it.

After hurricane Sandy, New Jersey
Christmas fell over.

There used to be a forest here, after hurricane Sandy
There used to be a very dark pine forest here.

nor'easther Athena
And then, on November 8, still without neighborhood electric power, we got this. Nice! Not. (I love snow, just not right then.)

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